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Content Consumption Habits Are Changing

It’s hardly news that content (in this case, content refers to news, information and advertising) consumption is constantly changing, making it increasingly difficult for marketers to effectively reach their target demographic through various channels.

It’s exciting, exhausting and terrifying (all at the same time) that web robots (bot platforms) and artificial intelligence (AI) are controlling the majority of information we consume. So, in the spirit of “when you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” we want to help enlighten you on ways to join in the fight for attention in today’s content market.

People predominately go online for all types of information (via their mobile devices), and resources seem endless. Therefore, the key is to be at the top of the search engine list or to capture people’s attention through strategic marketing campaigns. Video reigns as the most captivating way to provide information. Social media posts and news articles follow.

Consumer habits changing

Content On The Move

Technology is becoming more mobile, more convenient and more human. Innovations and shifts to AI, bot platforms, messaging apps, voice-based search and further proliferation of video content are leading to new behaviors and expectations. People research topics on the fly, seeking immediate answers and eliminating human contact.

Bot platform ecosystem

When people want to learn more, they use a search engine (62%) or visit a business’s official website (48%), turning only to sales reps once their decision to purchase has been made, whether in the professional services, medical or retail space. This statistic means it is absolutely vital to optimize your brand’s web presence and to provide succinct information in enticing ways in proper channels. It’s the only way to be heard.

The intention of this article is not to overwhelm. Rather, we mean to bring you up to date in online human behavior to inspire change in your marketing mix that will capture the attention of information seekers. We know what you’re saying is important and deserves a voice.

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Statistics, courtesy of Google | Think Insights