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Data-Driven Decision Making

At Belgrave Associates, we take analytics data very seriously. All of our clients receive regular “Snapshot” reports, giving them a clear summary of how their website, social media efforts and online media buys are performing. Without this information, there’s no foundation of what works (or doesn’t) to make data-driven decisions about how to effectively spend marketing dollars.

The beauty of digital has always been the ability to measure outcomes. For a long time, measurement was relatively straightforward, but mobile has changed everything. Though it has become more complicated to gather, data is more important than ever. Marketers need to completely integrate data, teams and technology to understand how to shift strategies and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to drive the bottom line.

Data-driven decisions for marketing

Data-Driven Marketing Plans

The objective behind data-gathering and reporting is to provide a cohesive picture of how all the moving pieces of your marketing plans fit together within the bigger business picture.

These questions about basic metrics can give you a purposeful view of performance to steer future direction and help your business make data-driven decisions:

  • Are your marketing efforts increasing sales revenue?
  • Are your paid lead generation campaigns successful in providing quality leads with strong conversion rates at a reasonable cost per lead?
  • Organic versus paid search – what works best for your company? Are you allocating budget accordingly?
  • Are your email marketing efforts performing well? What topics have resonated most with your users and what are you doing with that information?
  • What social media platforms are performing best for your team? Are you using this insight to allocate budget and ensure you’re meeting your goals?
  • How is mobile affecting your user base? Are you making adjustments and decisions to be as mobile-friendly as possible?

Each of these areas give you a deeper understanding of your customers. Data provides quantifiable insights that can help you make more informed marketing and business decisions. We recommend creating a data-driven culture so that each member of your team can work toward specific goals.

How Belgrave Can Help

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned how important data-driven decision making is for businesses. In fact, data drives most of the decisions we make at Belgrave. That being said, we can help you take a deeper dive into what the numbers mean for your business. If you are a client, contact us to set up a meeting. If you are not currently a client, please let us know if you are interested in having our team evaluate your reports.