Strategic Marketing

You're always marketing now. Even when you don’t know it. Because customers will talk, chat, post or tweet, it can either be a strategic exercise guided by calculated executions or it can be something else entirely. You choose.

Our clients turn to us for thoughtful analysis of business plans, market position,
brand audit and history, competitor analysis and more.

With these tools, we build a platform for successful communications. We take a deep dive into your business and study the numbers. We then determine which products or lines are most profitable and which customers are most profitable. We truly target. This personalized consultant role is our specialty, one that sets us apart. Many clients see us as trusted advisors.

Key takeaways:

– We use a hybrid approach, taking the best from marketing and consulting.

– We identify and connect clients with their most profitable customers.

– Instead of starting with a single message that floods media outlets, we begin with strategy that drives the creative process for individual channels.

Many marketing firms focus on branding and advertising for a client. Their marketing strategy involves advertising from all angles or "making it rain." If you "rain" on customers, you will create more business – but at what cost?