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Top Ten Search Engine Ranking Factors

Each search engine has different ranking signals in their secret sauce algorithm, and there are different variations of rank. In them with the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, ranking factors continue to shift.

SEO is all about execution in ranking factors
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As we discussed last month, search engines design algorithms to provide users with a list of results that they’ve determined are the most relevant. While there are probably thousands, certain “ranking signals” contribute more significantly toward ranking. These are our Top Ten:

  1. Domain level and link authority features: Domain level is based on the age, popularity and size
    of the site. Link authority references links to your site from high quality, authoritative outside
  2. Page level keyword and content relevance: Your page must be relevant to the query or you
    won’t rank well.
  3. Dwell time: Generally, if a user doesn’t stay on your page or quickly uses the back button, you
    haven’t demonstrated your product/knowledge/service.
  4. Responsive web design or a mobile-optimized site option: Your site must render on a mobile
    device, and render well.
  5. Site speed and page load speed: Your site must load FAST. Google offers free mobile site
    speed testing and will estimate the amount of lost traffic based on how quickly (or slowly) your
    site loads.
  6. Verified real-world business info: The combined driving power of voice search, Google Maps
    and the Knowledge Graph (a topic for a later email) is immense. Be sure your location data is
    clean and correct across the web.
  7. Uniqueness of content on each page and across the whole site: Provide the best possible
    answer on the web, whatever the question being asked. Fresh, relevant content without
    duplication across the site, speeds up everything.
  8. Site supports HTTPS/SSL: As cyber security threats become more prevalent, we are all being
    encouraged to upgrade to HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP, which we discussed in our first post.
  9. Quantity of searches for a keyword, brand name, URL or domain: This is the popularity
    contest portion: think Amazon and Apple, Microsoft. They win.
  10. Relative Click-Thru Rate (CTR) from search results to the page for the keyword: Good meta
    titles and meta descriptions with relevant landing pages for the query will move your listing ever-higher.

How Can We Help You?

We’ll talk about these topics in more detail in subsequent emails/posts. If you feel as though your search ranking needs improvement, please talk to us about specific ways that we can help. Our team at Belgrave Associates is experienced in building high-ranking websites and can help freshen your content to drive your bottom line.