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The Ideal Length Of Everything Online

While there are many contributing factors to search ranking, length of content plays an important role. The ideal length of content varies based on channel and is an easy piece to control.

The internet has become such an integral part of lives that, unless it’s time to generate copy of our own, we don’t really think about why we’re seeing what we’re seeing. Or really even what caught our eye in the first place. Do we even think about why we read something in its entirety or stop halfway through?

People want to know the ideal length of everything online

When we have something to say, we want to be heard. Content is pushed through so many channels and there are multiple components to each. For instance, what is the ideal length of the title of a blog post? How long should the actual article be? And how about the subject line of the email announcing the blog post? Further, attention spans are somewhat dependent of the channel in which content is being consumed.

Channel Breakdown – Ideal Length

If we’ve just solidified your confusion or introduced a whole new set of issues, have no fear. There is a formula for length. And we’ve found a very helpful and easy-to-digest infographic to help. “The Internet Is A Zoo: The Ideal Length of Everything Online” covers almost every online content channel you can think of. Print this out or save it to your desktop so you never forget the ideal length of the content you’re generating.

How We Can Help

Belgrave Associates can help you in various ways. We can generate SEO-optimized (which obviously incorporates the ideal length into the mix) content for your website. We can analyze which channels are most effective for engaging with your target audience. And we can develop and execute a cohesive marketing campaign to maximize the amount of site visits and time spent on your site.

No two businesses are the same, so consult us for a customized plan just for you.